Global Window Film Division has developed the new front windshield films automative film which offers consumers the high end performance properties without usage of metalized film in product design. The NIR Blocking organometallic Nano particles incorporated within interlayers of laminate construction in combination with conventional dyed films in the product design provide long-lasting heat protection to your vehicle. GLOBAL Window Films combines consumer demand with innovative technology by offering “QDP IR” non-reflective films.

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Global Window Films give the best setup to your room atmosphere. With the highest quality of window films it give you the long lifespan, a better cooling room condition and empowering green house effect.

Cooling Room Condition

Cooling Room Condition

Our films’ ability to reject and block the majority of heat from the sunlight is second to none. It offers a great cooling room condition which in return brings a higher level of interior comfort to the building.

Empowering Green House Effect

Empowering Green House Effect

Recent research has proved that 2V Tint windows films help save energy cost by 30% as it effectively reduce the consumption of air-conditioning by eliminating external heat and containing the coolness within the building.

Long Lifespan

Long Lifespan

Made up from materials with the highest quality, 2V Tint windows film offers a long product life span that meets customer’s requirements for optimal solar control solution. Making sure customers’ investment is well worth it

Sun Control Window Film


Global Estate films are the choice of designers for beauty and performance. Global incorporates today’s most advanced metallizing technology to create these superior quality films that deliver outstanding performance characteristics and unsurpassed beauty. Innovative Estate films provide a subtle, tasteful appearance that’s ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Higher visible light transmission options work well for retail storefront applications. These are the highest quality Global window films available and once installed, these films are on the job 24 hours a day.

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Privacy window film


Global’s Reflective series are the films of choice for high efficiency in the most demanding settings. They set the industry standard for effective solar heat rejection, in both residential and commercial applications, and are especially well suited for those challenging environments where a high level of solar control is needed, without compromising the appearance of the building.

Reflective series films are popular for commercial applications where their reflective color delivers maximum solar performance, complements a building theme, or provides that look of factory reflective glass. In addition to excellent glare and heat reduction, these films are aesthetically unique and will give a dramatic facelift to any commercial building renovation project.

Privacy Frosted Window Film

A frosted privacy film is a plastic film with a frosted or sandpaper-like finish. Some people refer to it as a frosted sticker or frosted film. They are commonly used to entirely or partially enhance room privacy with a bespoke design. However, the frosted film can also be used as a sticker. You can either choose to print graphics, patterns, logos, signage, and phrases that can be printed on the film using inkjet color printing equipment or a computer cutting machine.

Even with a relatively simple design, they make the glass-filled office floor look more intriguing and dynamic. We recommend installing frosted films to enhance room privacy by blocking window visibility entirely or partially. The frosted privacy film is so versatile that you can machine-cut it to create and use lines, abstracts, shapes, logos, signage, or any pattern design to enhance privacy to a certain degree.

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