Types of Window Tints For Home

In addition to spending a lot of money on ceilings made of plaster, beautiful lighting fixtures and marble tiles, high-end wallpaper and the hottest curtains Did you know that you can avail personalized window tinting for your home?

The windows in your home service to let fresh and natural air into. But they also pose a danger since glass windows are known to have a higher degree of brittleness than a concrete wall, and aren’t able to shield the interior of your house from the heat and harmful UV radiation from the sun.

If you don’t want to swap your windows to make custom windows, you can put in window tints.

The most important thing you need to do is to apply a thin layer of laminate on the outside and inside of your windows.

Type of Window Tint For Home

There are a variety of tints that are suitable for various purposes for example:

1. Security window tint

This type of tint guards your windows and minimizes damage from natural disasters, weather, and other forces that are strong.

The laminate is tough and long-lasting and is used as a reinforcement for your window, allowing it to protect against shock and also to hold the glass in the event of a breakage.

Security tinting is also affordable than replacing your windows with security glass.

You can select transparent security-only tints or even options that incorporate other options like heat and UV filtering.

This tint is ideal for those who are concerned about the damage caused by strong weather or want additional security in their window grills.


2. Tint for privacy windows

This tint helps to minimize the visibility of your home, thereby protecting your privacy and your peace.

You can select reflective tints that act as an one-way mirror Frosted tints, which are decorative, or more clear ones that allow you to see the outside.

Certain types of reflective tints create unattractive glare during the day and don’t work as well in the evening So you’ll need pick one that is suitable for the purpose you’re trying to achieve.

Similar to security tints you can also select alternatives that offer UV and heat protection.

Privacy tints are ideal for windows that are located near areas of heavy foot traffic, and to stop neighbors from looking in.

It’s also a good idea to ensure the privacy of your office, bathroom or other areas that you don’t want to be observed from outside.


3. Window tints that block UV radiation

One of the most popular choices in the sun-drenched Malaysia UV protection tints block damaging UV light.

In addition to shielding your health from harmful radiation, it can also help keep the color and strength of fixtures and fittings for your home from deterioration and keeps your home looking fresh and vibrant for longer.

There are a variety of UV protection films on the market, all can effectively block out the majority of the UV light. Most UV protection films are also available with added benefits of heat filtering.

If your windows at home are prone to receiving lots of sun it is possible to consider this tint in order to ensure your health as well as inside your house.


4. Window for temperature / heat regulation tint

The name of the film suggests that these tints can help regulate temperatures by keeping heat away. The film decreases the radiation that infrared light emits that enters your home, while keeping the temperature cool.

It’s an affordable way to manage the temperature of your house and comfort while reducing the requirement for air conditioning, and the high cost of their use.

Temperature-regulating tints often comes with UV filtration features as well, and is perfect for homes in warmer areas that receive a lot of sunlight.


Do you think any of these tips will create your ideal home?

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