House, Office and Factory Window Tinting

Window Tint is a thin laminate film that can be installed to the interior or exterior of glass surfaces in automobiles and boats and also to the interior or exterior of glass in homes and buildings. 

Why Install Window Tint In Your House and Office


Reduce Heat

Solar tinted film is able to reduce heat gain by up to 79%. It’s help your office, building and houses become more comfortable.

Reduce Electricity Cost

Heat control film will help you to reduce the dependency on expensive air conditioning.

Create Privacy

To prevent people at outside looking or viewing into your personal space. Create privacy inside your office and building.

upgrade the security level

People from outside unable to break your window if your window glass is fixed by tint.

Solar Tinted Film

Our solar window tinted film is high perform in heat rejection and improved comfort in your building or houses.

It’s really an ideal solar window tint that able to provide a comfortable atmosphere inside your office, building and houses.

Klang Factory window tinting
frosted glass film 01

Frosted & Decorative Film

Our frosted window tint provide you an opaque appearance, decorative and privacy secure for your private space like office, building and houses.

Frosted window tint can use to apply in your existing windows or doors with the function of provide privacy feature for your rooms and personal space.

uv reflective film

This type of window tint is able to help you prevent from the exposure of ultraviolet radiation (UV light) that can be damaging to your skin’s health.

Our reflective UV film can also help you to prevent UV light will also damaging your furnishing and interior. In other words, reflective UV film will function in protecting your furnishing and assets in office, building, and houses.

UV reflective Film 1
Safety Security Film

security window film

Our safety security film is another perfect solution of window tint for your office, building and houses. It’s can help you to increase the security and additional protection against burglars, thieves and robbers to force entry your building or houses.

Clear UV Film

Harmful UV rays and glare will fade out your furniture original color, you can either choose curtains, sheers, shades or blinds, but why not you try our Clear UV Film will be your another solution to reduce the transmission of sunlight and UV light into your office,building and houses.


Some of the Window and Door Tinting Projects Done

Not Sure which Window Tint is the best For You ?

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