I Tint 3M Authorized APplicator

3M™ Sun Control window films are designed to reduce the effects of solar heat and visible light on your furnishings and will block 99 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which are single largest cause of fading. 3M™ Sun Control Window Films also allow you to save money and enhance the comfort of your home all year round by reducing your air conditioning and heating costs.

Check Out The Experiment Done By Brink Fidler

Brink Fidler, Owner and founder of Defend Systems, puts 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film to the test. Watch and hear why Brink recommends 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film to keep out active shooters and/or intruders from your building.

A burgler's plans to break into home is foiled by 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film in a test environment.

Security footage of 3M™ Window Film protecting a building from intruders.

3M Ultra Prestige Series and Safety Series

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