Privacy Window Tint Film

Privacy window film is a type of window covering that blocks the view from outside and inside. When you install it, you can choose which side will be out or in; either way, your privacy is protected because it blocks views on both sides. The other great thing about this product is that it’s easy to clean with no residue left behind like curtains do when they’re closed for too long.

Privacy Blackout Window Film

Privacy Blackout Window Film With blackout window film, the view from inside to outside is maintained while the exterior side is colored almost entirely black.

Unlike other privacy window film options like matte translucent films that are not transparent from the inside, 5% blackout window film gives the window a dark, tinted look from the inside while maintaining excellent vision of the outdoors.

Privacy Blackout Window Film with blackout window film, you can see what’s happening on either side of your windows without having to worry about people

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Privacy Frosted Window Film

Privacy frosted window film is a type of 2-way privacy window film that provides privacy inside while also blocking the view from outside. This style of the 2-way film is one of the best options for offices buildings and restrooms where guaranteed privacy is essential and light transmission is desired.

Once applied, the stick-on glass frosting film gives windows and doors a sleek look similar to sandblasted or etched glass, making it instantly opaque for complete privacy day and night. Obscure window films are an excellent solution for your privacy requirements.

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