Does Window Security Film Really Work

Improve safety and security.

Make your windows hard to penetrate – and help keep outside dangers from getting in.

Break-ins. Natural disasters. Stray baseballs. No matter the reason behind the effect, glass windows and doors are vulnerable to harm and broken glass introduces a danger of its own. You can not control crime, accidents, or even the weather, however, you can find an extra layer of security — one that is virtually invisible. Safety & Security Window Films make glass more difficult to penetrate and maintain shattered bits set up, helping keep both the people and property protected from threats posed by fleas, intense weather, and damaged glass. For a much higher degree of security, the 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment System securely fixes the filmed window into the framework, turning your own window into a strong shield effective at resisting driven entry, earthquakes as well as bomb blasts. Choose the right window tinting supplier can help you reduce all the unnecessary issues.

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Break-ins and burglaries

Break-ins and burglaries Every 18 seconds, there’s a burglary somewhere in the USA. Locks and safety techniques discourage some thieves, but what about your house’s most vulnerable points of entry?

3M Safety & Security Window Films make it more difficult to break through your own glass doors and doors. Rather than a fast smash and grab a job, a prospective robber is confronted with a window that will not yield quickly or quietly. And the more it requires an intruder to break, the more you must find assistance.


Accidents and natural disasters

When tragedy strikes, can your windows require a beating without repainting dangerous shards of glass? From regular mishaps to airborne storm debris as well as rotational action, windows tend to be vulnerable to harm.

No matter the reason behind breakage, 3M Safety & Security Window Films can help cut the danger of injury from flying glass. All these micro-layered and tear-resistant movies hold the items in place — in which they can not damage your loved ones or your possessions.


With vs. without 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film

Break-and-enter robberies normally involve breaking a window. Glass shatters and falls, along with a burglar gains simple entry. But when the window is shielded from 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film, some glass which shatters remains in position — deterring intruders and obtaining valuable time to you and your loved ones.

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