How to choose the right house window tint

House window tint is pretty similar to car window tint with the aim of keeping your house/car cool and comfy. so it’s vital to settle on the correct whole for house window tint with sensible quality as a result of it’ll be a semipermanent investment for your house.

These are some helpful tips to window tint your house :-

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Goals and Purpose

You might want to raise yourself first “Why does one want to window tint your house?”

These are the explanations why tint house windows :-

Reduce heat in the house for a cooling and comfortable environment.

Enjoy nice and clear view outside while not annoying glare which may cause eye discomfort.

Enjoy natural light without the need to use curtains.

Protect myself and favorite ones from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Enhance the privacy in house. In short, i would like to check out however don’t want others to see in.

Empower greenhouse effect by reducing the employment of cooling and at an equivalent time additionally cut back electricity bill.


Home Window Tint Specs

There are many sorts of window tint films with totally different options and performance. It’s best to settle on the window film that fit your needs.

These are a number of the factors to think about once selecting the correct window tint for your house :-

TSER (Total alternative energy Rejected) – this is often a metric that describes the overall quantity of solar energy (UV + visible + IR) that’s rejected.

Ultraviolet (UV) – this is often the overall quantity of ultra-violet that is rejected.

Visible light-weight Transmission (VLT) – this is often the total amount of actinic radiation that is transmitted through the window film/glass.

The lower the number, the less visible light is being transmitted (darker).

Security Film – holds the broken enclose place to reduce injuries from flying glass.


Color of the film

The tint films are available in several shades {and colors|and hues|and colors} love black, silver and grey. My recommendation is to settle on a shade and colour that best compliment your house to extend your home’s beauty.


Services of Window Film Dealer and Installer

It’s vital to appear for a window film dealer who doesn’t concentrate on commerce solely however give sensible consultation by educating the shoppers on their products.



This is one of the foremost important factors once obtaining window tint. invariably ensure there’s a product warranty just in case of effervescent and peeling from the glass. Do additionally check if your warranty claim is nationwide or simply by search only.


I hope these tips assist you to seek out the right window tint for your house. If you need more window tinted advice, feel free to contact our window tinting specialist.

Nicolas Chong

Nicolas Chong

Founded I Tint Specialist to provide window tinting solutions for Home and Office. Our window tinting comes with 5 years warranty.

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