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I Tint Specialist Since 2013

About I Tint Specialist

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I Tint Specialist is a Building and House Window Tinting Services company founded by Mr Nicolas in 2013. We are located at Ampang to serve Residential and Commercial clients from Klang Valley, KL, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and etc. We are also 3M Authorized Applicator.

About the services we provide

Our main services are Window Tinting, Inkjet Printing Sticker and Acrylic Signage

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House & Office Window Tinting​

I Tint Specialist is the best choice for all your window tinting needs – we use professional grade films from USA with long-lasting quality and unparalled heat rejection. 

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Inkjet Printing Sticker

We provide our clients a full range of inkjet sticker product size to apply in their office or building. Besides that, we also provide high quality resolution and colourful inkjet sticker for our clients.

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We make the signage based on your requests, in terms of color, size and graphic that you prefer, in order to make sure the signage is able to match with your office’s environment.

Why Install Window Tint In Your House and Office


Reduce Heat

Solar tinted film is able to reduce heat gain by up to 79%. It’s help your office, building and houses become more comfortable.

Reduced Energy (Electricity) Cost

Reduce the dependency on expensive air conditioning.

Protect Your Office or House Furnishings

prevent from the excessive of sunlight and glare transmit into your office, building and houses that can harm to your furnishings

Privacy Environment

With our ideal interior solar window tint and to create privacy inside your Office, building and houses. To prevent people at outside looking or viewing into your personal space.

We Are Specializing in
Solar Control Window Film | Frosted Film | Safety Film | Computer Cut-out Design | Printing Inkjet Sticker | Acrylic Signage

We Have 5 Window Tint Film For House Office

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Unique design projects with individual approach and attention to every detail.

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On site measurement in your home or office to make sure our solution perfectly fit into it. 

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An assigned manager will lead your installation project from the very start and till the end.

More Than 1000 Projects Done

We served Government Sector and Private Sector Since 2013
Some of Our Clients
From Government to Private Sector
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I Tint Window Film

This is our own produced window film. Quality yet affordable. And also with 5 Years++ warranty.


3M Window Film

We also use No.1 professional grade films from USA with long-lasting quality. See more about 3M


Over 5 Years Warranty

We dare to offer 5 years warranty to our clients because we are confident to our works.

Schedule A Free consultation With Us

Our professional Tinting Specialist will work the best for you. Leave your message here. We will contact you within 24 – 48 hour. 

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