What is Security Window Tinting

What is Security Window Tinting

Did you know that tinted windows will improve your home’s security and assist with sun protection? By installing Safety or Security Window Tinting on your home’s windows, it will function as a protective barrier from the varying conditions of nature. How? Reducing the penetration of radiant energy from outside prevents harmful UV rays, reduces natural light transmitted to your home, and reduces light pollution. You have probably felt its effects outside but have you ever considered the effects invisible UV light and solar radiation can have on you and your personal belongings inside? Reduce the penetration of solar energy from outside not only by saving on air conditioning bills, it also protects your beautiful home and the people within it from the rays of harmful UV rays, avoiding skin peeling, sunburn, and cancers.

Benefits of Security Window Tinting

While window tint has a plethora of practical uses; the security, privacy, and protection it offers are numerous. A quality window tint installation can guard against the harmful UV rays of the sun and can block thirty to seventy percent of solar heat from passing through. Not only will these great tinting products provide you with the safety you seek, but they will also improve your exterior outlook, and interior condition, prevent fading and provide the ultimate heat rejection for your home.

A great example of these security window tints can be found at I Tint Specialist in Ampang, Malaysia. We use No.1 professional grade films from the USA with long-lasting quality with a FIVE-year warranty. Don’t save your money when it comes to upgrading house security. You will regret it one day if you lost someone or something important.


Looking for high quality with an affordable price’s security window tint? 


I Tint Specialist is your best choice. We are a 3M Authorized Building Film Dealer in KL. We have done more than 1000 projects since 2013.


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Don’t let burglars have any chance to break-in and theft.

Nicolas Chong

Nicolas Chong

Founded I Tint Specialist to provide window tinting solutions for Home and Office. Our window tinting comes with 5 years warranty.

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